October 2nd, 2008


..all around the barnyard fallin' in and out of...

Dr Science, you are right (yes, you have it in writing). I called up the bank for which my cheque is made out - OMGZ yes people still use cheques - and was informed by the lovely Nick that I can indeed cash it at any branch of said bank. I'm not sure when this rule changed, because Back In The Day you used to have to go to the specific branch to do it, which was a PITA if it was made out to a bank in Wetawhakawe and you needed the cash today. So yay banks coming into the modern age!

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In other news, by the end of today my car will have its WoF, and by next week its registration. I am slowly but surely ticking through my list, and should have all the necessaries sorted by the end of this month. This makes me happy, and I'm quite pleased with myself. Mid-August I was Very Worried about my financial situation and also the large mountain of things I had to do on limited funds. I should have known - along came little bits of extra work, just enough to cover the extra expenses, and an improvement in weather to provide motivation to do things.

I love when the universe provides according to need.

PS kudos to anyone who recognises title and artist for the subject line without googling.