September 29th, 2008



There's a three-masted sailing ship anchored off Petone at the moment. Far as I can tell she's been there since Saturday. I'd say Spirit of New Zealand but according to this, she's sailing out of Auckland at the moment, and a quick google search shows nothing. Anyone know?

I am sore. Really sore. From the backs of my knees, up the hamstrings, the muscles either side of my spine, and my forearms. I am curious as to why shearing 30-odd stroppy English Leicesters in a woolshed doesn't make me as sore as shearing 11 docile Blobs O Jelly in the open. The only thing I can think of is that the handpiece I use outdoors is twice as heavy, and the sheep are a bit fatter and I have to chase them around and drag them further. But really, that doesn't account for the difference in pain factor. Seriously, I doubt I could run today.

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Last night I laid down on the couch with a book at 5pm, and read THREE WHOLE PAGES before falling asleep. I woke up at 10pm and moved to my bed, and crashed out again till 6:30 this morning. Yay for lots of sleep after none the previous night. Also, yay for daylight savings, which means it's dark until I wake up, instead of sunshine streaming in at 5:30am which is only suitable for dairy farmers and other crazy types.

Tonight, I will hoop (girly practice get-together) for the first time since August. I'm really looking forward to it. ;-)