September 26th, 2008


Friday randomness

It's Polly's birthday! YAY! Now we're the same age! *glomps polly*

In my dreams, my grown up son can play Shine On You Crazy Diamond in an amazingly moving way on an unplugged electric guitar.

Dreaming about catching your ex in infidelity is Not Fun. Piss off, stupid dreams. Except not the one with Tommy. That one was cool.

Charlotte's car (a '63 Singer Vogue) vibrates a lot. I think on a long road trip, if you sat the right way, it'd give you orgasms.

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You should all come to Fidels tonight. It's such a lovely day. Plus, Polly's birthday! *fanfare*

And there may well be fire spinning on the beach tomorrow night. Reminder to self -wear pants. Mini dresses after a day shearing = not sexy.