September 18th, 2008


This is what happens when Tats eats sugar

Last night I dreamed I was buying a house in an Upper Hutt housing subdivision.

I think I need to eat more cheese...

Later, the dream morphed into Alfred from the DropZone (who I ran into at the psy party in Auckland), having branched into hooping as an extension to his guided meditation business, giving demos for kids in the playground of said subdivision. Alfred (~60, long grey hair, hippieish) hooping is a sight to behold, people. *nods*

Today, I'm wearing my "I insist it's summer and I'll be wearing a dress that's too short for work kthxbai" outfit:

Collapse )

In other news, the owner of the drama-ridden sheep does not hate me. Yay! We're going to get together probably this evening, drink a lot of coffee, and Make A Plan. *is relieved*

Those of you who work in jobs that involve other organisations' input - what happens when said organisation has been running on ReallyReallySlowTime for ages, and they suddenly become super-efficient (I'm talking 4 month turnaround reduced to a week)? Is everyone "YAY!" or is everyone *PANIC*??

PS my car leaks. Can it stop raining now?