September 14th, 2008


It was going to happen

Last night I dreamed that my tutor wrote the exam questions on a blackboard in his impossible-to-read handwriting, and I couldn't tell what they said, and he refused to type them for me so I couldn't do my exam.

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On the upside, I made myself go out to the roller disco last night. It was a laugh, James and Bron and I had a groovy fun giggly time, I didn't run over Bron's fingers or disembowel her with my skates when she stacked out in front of me, and I got invited to join the Wellington Roller Derby team. Roller Derby is a bit like croquet I reckon - you only understand it if you play it. I think the main requirement is to be stable on skates and possibly having sharp elbows.. dunno if I'll do it yet, but it was nice to be asked.

Also, in answer to yesterday's question: Shiny blue metallic mini dress, rainbow over-the-knee socks and over-the-elbow gloves, hot pink wig with fibreoptic colour-changing hair extensions. That's what you wear to a roller disco. Or at least I do. James said I should go into the costume contest but, you know.. it's not that different from what I normally wear out.

Was silly fun. ;-)

And in another bit of good news, my ugly wool stockings have been put away in the drawer, for the first time since about June they are out of the clothes wash rotation. Golly.