September 13th, 2008


What's Tats been up to?

Killing muppets?

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In other news, those doing the 6-week pushup thing, have you done week 6 day 1 yet? Because it's f'n daunting - 56, 45, 42, 40, finish with 56+. I almost psyched myself out of it before starting but then I thought f'it, other people have repeated weeks, I can too. BUT. I did it! *squees and jumps round room* Seriously shaky and owie after, but managed to finish with 70. This 3 days after doing a failure test of 67, and after doing all those other big scary numbers first. I'm not sure how this program works, or what I'm going to use the ability to do stupid amounts of pushups for, but it definitely works.

Maybe for mowing the lawn..

I may well be going to a roller disco tonight. What on earth, apart from skates, does one wear to a roller disco?