September 12th, 2008


Of shoes and ships and chocolate

From Chocolate to Morphine (a book on 'Everything you need to know about mind altering drugs') arrived yesterday. I was at Mum's for dinner so I regaled her with tales of chocolate addiction - because she eats 2 squares a day, which sounds to me like a habit. *nods* Anyway, it seems quite good, with the focus being on forming healthy relationships with psychoactive substances (including the legal ones and prescription ones) as opposed to the abstinence/abuse false dichotomy.

However, it lost some credibility with me when I flicked to the glossary and it had this to say about Acid House:

"A type of psychedelic music with a strong back beat, often played at nightclubs where people take ecstasy and engage in wild dancing. Same as techno." (emphasis mine)

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Today, I am wearing my Rainbow Brite Vomit outfit at work - sans pipe cleaners and hotpants, I do have some sense of decorum. No really, I do... *eyes convincingly* It's not that extreme really, just rainbow coloured accessories (socks, gloves) with colourful top and colourful hair. It's fairly common for me to get approached by people saying things like "I wish I was brave enough to dress like that." Which I find hard to reply to. It's tempting to say "Just do it, the feedback is awesome." But I remember how I felt the first time I wore a skirt, so I'm more interested in figuring out how people overcome that "I So Couldn't Do That" barrier, and how I can encourage people who say that to me without being patronising.

Gosh. *rambleramble*

I left my phone at home today, cos I'm clever like that. So if you need to get in touch, email's where it's at. I may be at Fidels very briefly but will have to leave early too, for adventures.

My researchy guy is pleased with me. That feels nice.

Retrospective uses for training

Two years of aikido training has not been particularly useful to me in terms of the 'martial' part of Martial Arts. I'm not the kind of person who gets into fights, really.

However, anyone who's done it will know that it's mostly about learning to blend seamlessly with whatever surface you're being hurled at at great speed, with minimum damage to yourself.

I've lost count of how often this skill's come in useful to me and most of the time I don't think about it. But last night, when my boots got caught in the bottom of my skirt as I was prancing around on top of our 2 foot garden wall (don't ask), and I was hurled at the asphalt at great speed, I blended with said asphalt seamlessly and without thinking. There's a tiny bruise on one knee. That's it.

Yay for the 'art' part of Martial Art.