September 8th, 2008


It's going to be a fiiiine day tomorrow...

Yay for sunny days in which everything goes right. So tell me, does everyone feel better having had a gorgeous warm day to get out and about in? And what did you do with it?

This weekend was one of those ones that started out with "Gnng" and "Bleh" and ended up with "Yay" and *skip* - I like it when it happens like that. Faith in humanity = restored. Thanks to those who make it so. I'm... a bit overwhelmed actually.

tieke brought me back the funkiest horsey thing from the US - a photograph wouldn't do it justice because it's all about the running horses in 3D and it makes me go *SQUEE* Thank you! It always amazes me when people think of me when they are surrounded by fun and exciting happenings and people.

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And that was probably more than your average Monday installment from Tats, so I'll stop.

I keep running into people who say the weather's going to pack up today. So I suggest enjoying it while it lasts. Mass work walkout? Hell yeah.