September 5th, 2008


Ah saw it wit mah own eyes!

Two days ago, I decided to stop stressing about flat-related stuff and just let it sort itself out without me investing any more worry, grey hair or stomach ulcers in the process. If I detach myself emotionally from outcome, I'm more likely to get the outcome I want, right? So, no more Stress Bunny, Lax Out Dude, etc etc. And Lo! Yesterday I was made an offer I couldn't refuse, which should see me financially sorted for the next little while. So now it's not so urgent that we find someone to fill the fourth room, someone should come along shortly. Yes, we're still looking, we're just not slavering.

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Tonight, Fidels as usual. Of course it'll be warmer by then!

Oh, and the Herculean dose of antibiotics seems to have nailed my chest infection too, so Yay! Good health here I come!