September 3rd, 2008


Frostbitten Ferals should be the name of a band

I didn’t make it to fire spinning last night, having decided that discretion was the better part of valour, and that it’s time I knocked this cough on the head good and proper. Also, sorting out the road trip stuff and not having crap all over my bedroom floor was going to make me feel better than hanging out in the cold wind. Only downside, I missed out on seeing people. But I’ll fix that later this week. And and and, my back is almost back to normal – probably thanks again to me going "Don’t be stupid Tats, snowboarding in this condition will do you no good at all."

And now we have the obligatory photo post, because I know you’re all dying to see.

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Last night I finished setting up my room. I would like to lay my hands on a dressmaker’s dummy or a mannequin, for storage of costumey things that are hard to hang. Anyone know where I could find such a thing without having to sell my firstborn son?

PS My house feels peaceful. Thanks to those who made it so. Also, Charlotte is excellent company.

Right then.

So I got an A for my essay on settler societies. Not an A+, but given the circumstances I'm stoked to get anything above a B- for it. It's also inspired me to use study as a focus-forward exercise, and nail the next one, the topic of which is around whether or not the increasing inequalities in NZ society in the last 20 years are likely to lead to increased levels of class consciousness. Also, I like my tutor's comments: "You kind of lost sight of the topic and waffled in the second half, but it's a good essay anyway." Hehe.

Today I learned that Marx wasn't the only one that wanked on a lot about class. I think I like Weber better, he recognises the grey areas, such as folks like my ex husband, who was essentially a business owner and therefore bourgeoisie, yet had zero dollars and socioeconomically and attitudinally, was working class. I'd like to talk about the development of the so-called 'underclass' in New Zealand. So I think my essay will be with a neo-Weberian slant. Hmm.

In other news, I just took three tablets of Ornidazole (an antibiotic) according to doctor's orders. This is nothing to do with the testing, which came up negative (much to my relief) - it's to clear up something else in preparation for a minor procedure next week. I didn't think antibiotics affected you mentally, but now I feel kind of high - like a slight paradigm shift and wooziness along with loss of concentration and a somewhat optimistic outlook. Odd.

So with a view to indulging the lack of focus, have some pictures of my new room in all its eclectic glory:

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Meanwhile, one of the project managers at my work just resigned. I have hope that this will lead to interesting developments for me, careerwise.