September 2nd, 2008


Um... work? Please can I have more holiday?

I love road trips. I especially love road trips that cover new ground. I've never been to the west coast of the South Island before, so even the process of getting to Flock Hill was an adventure.

Having now been to the west coast, it reminds me a lot of Northland - lots of bush, obviously a high rainfall area, also obviously somewhat depressed economically. Reefton is a teeny village with one street, lined with shops from goldrush days, of which about 10% are empty.

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This morning, there was a taily lamb running around our lawn. First, of course, was delighted. Me, not so much. No idea where it came from, or where it went after I spotted it. Maybe someone's pet gone wandering?

richdrich and I are in full agreement that reality is not as much fun as being on holiday. Turning the cellphone on after being out of coverage for three days was owie. Especially when one call was "Come and shear my sheep." Right now, don't wanna. I want my life to be stress and demand free.

Me? Dreamer? Probably.