August 26th, 2008


An apple a day is Not Enough

Yesterday I didn't do so well. Brain vs Stomach in the Thunderditch, Brain had a weak moment and got pinned to lose a round. ;-/ Woke up at 5am and couldn't go back to sleep. These are the two signs I look out for - if it becomes a pattern, it's off to the doctor with me, please give me some happy pills kthxbye.

Dear flist, please make me eat. Thank you.

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Also, I seem to have missed a lot of what's happening in the world over the last few weeks. Is there anything I should know about? You know, elected presidents, incoming nuclear warheads and the like? Or maybe some rare species rescued from the brink of extinction? Tom Cruise has been beamed up to Xenu? Amy Winehouse goes to rehab? Oh hang on, that's not news..

Today, all the burners get started on their week-long dive into hedonism. Good luck to you all, have fun. ;-)

Well, if you had a new bed you'd roll around on it too

Yes, you have to all look and go ooh and aah about my new bed, because it's new and exciting and I had to build the bloody thing, and it's made of awesome and smells all woody and now my room looks like a room and it's and it's and...

rivet says it's not real till you put it on the internet.

And then I engaged in some narcissism because it's been ages since I had a room to myself, and the light was nice.

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PS I ate ice cream and some bacon and it stayed down. Colour me impressed with myself.