August 22nd, 2008

going native

Anatomy, physiology and chemistry, together at last!

Ways in which my body is currently having a rebellion:

Sinuses. The holes in my head, which my brother informs me are all part of my sense of taste and would help with my appreciation of fine wine (should I discover I actually like it one day), are not the Taste Sensation echo chambers they should be. They are Storage for Snot. Consequently my thoughts aren't reverberating the way they should, but instead are whumping in a deadened kind of way. Clearly my head needs subwoofer implants for such times.

Back. I'm not sure what's happening while I'm sleeping at the moment, but I suspect it involves crawling through pretzel-shaped commando courses with a shetland pony on my back. I may have to move the new bed plan forward, it's a bit ridiculous being unable to stand up straight in less than 30 seconds, and conducting business meetings from the floor is kind of unprofessional.

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Bon Voyage to ferrouswheel! Today being the day that he jets off (again), to go get his mind fucked and his body extremitised at Burning Man. Have an awesome time (like anyone ever thought you wouldn't!), can't wait to boogie with you when you get back. *tacklehugs*

I will be at Fidels tonight as usual. Plz2b coming to say hi and issuing me with Voltaren and Coldrex. After which I can fly off to the Bahamas in my mind, and sit there drooling with a vacant happy smile on my face.