August 19th, 2008


Blah blah blah

I am at home again today. I will be back at work tomorrow. I've given myself two days to get my shit together. Tomorrow I will be my usual bright, cheerful self, I promise.

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Sucks to be me

Or so someone said the other day.

Fact is, I disagree. It doesn't suck to be me. My life might be somewhat custardy right now, but being me is not what I'd call sucky. I actually like myself quite a lot, and when my life isn't custardy I have a very good time most of the time - sometimes I just have a good time. But my point is, I'm ok.

And that's why I know that in a little while when my life stops being quite so custardy, it'll be cream again.

*much love to those who help make it so*