August 14th, 2008


Get your beans! (hee hee NZ colloquialisms ftw!)

Last night's pizza and documentaries were a success. Forget Pizza Pomodoro, Pizza Beagloro is where it's at. Vegetarian pizza supreme! I ate more than my fair share, because it just kept coming, and sitting there going "eeeeaaaatt meeeeeeeee..." so I did. ;-)

The documentaries were about the history of drug use in New Zealand. They only went back to the 60s, which is a bit of a shame, but I guess it'd be hard to get footage from earlier. I found it quite cool that they interviewed a bunch of people who were around in the 60s when LSD got big - these people are now retirement age, so it equated to a bunch of people who are the ones you'd expect (based on stereotypes) to be going "Nooo! Drugs are bad, mmk?", instead waving their hands about and talking about how much they enjoyed themselves.

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Tonight there will be climbing. The goal is to do a bit more than last week. My feet are unaccustomed to my shoes these days, and it's.. interesting. It does take my mind off my chillblains though. ;-)

Finally, can we all give a big round of applause to the universal WHUT. That whole yin-yang thing? Balance and whatnot? Awesome concept. Just saying.