August 12th, 2008



It's the new black!

The other new black is the Men Only Stitch n Bitch that should be organised. I know several men who have indicated they'd like to learn to sew. [Gadgit in] C'mon guys, it's easy! [Gadgit out] Therefore I reckon those with Teh Skillz0rs and those with the desire could get together and share some intellectual property (and possibly machinery). You too could be as *cough*well dressed*cough as me!

I'd offer, but I lack the required dangly bits and chest hair. (s'true!)

What could possibly go wrong?

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Last night I surprised myself by doing 25/17/17/15/35 pushups. 35! As a finish! Golly. And, after also rehashing my essay in Scroeder position

.. I have ended up with pretzel-shoulders, in that they are all twisted up and go CRUNCH when I wiggle them. Tats, taking it to extremes since 1970.

hee hee