August 11th, 2008


In which I forget how to dress myself and attempt to destroy the fauna

This morning I dressed myself carefully (for no good reason) in a shamrock green tailored jacket, textured wool black pencil skirt, chevron patterned black v-neck top, and sheer stay-up stockings. I looked styley! And then when I got out of my car at work, I looked down to see .. grey, pink and blue stripey socks and skatey shoes! My stylish high-heeled knee length boots are sitting on the floor of the dance room, where I forgot to put them on. Oops.

This will be my test of whether I can pull off the Found My Outfit In A Dumpster look. O.o

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Yesterday I read through what I'd blurted on Saturday, shaved out 300 words and changed the thesis statement. Today I'll shave another 300-600 and hopefully not change the thesis statement again. An essay can only handle a small amount of that sort of thing.

I also watched Metalocalypse for the first time, and went " ... ", visited my Mum (hi mum), and sat around in the sun on the waterfront, absorbing the good vibes of a couple of wonderful ladies. And ate some mango and habanero flavoured ice cream courtesy of tyellas, which was surprisingly good.

I am feeling the need to change my hairstyle. It's currently relatively short but there's loads of it, so I have a bit of length to play with. Any suggestions?