August 8th, 2008


Ear trumpets, the latest in trendy fashion!

Climbing last night was everything I'd hoped it would be. I've had a year's break from it, partly to do with my constantly reshaping life, but also, if I'm honest, partly to do with my climbing partner having left the country and me feeling very flat about it after he went. He was a bundle of obsessive enthusiasm about climbing, and I fed off that to the extent where when he left, I found I'd lost the ability to motivate myself, and I kind of fell into not doing it.

Well, a year's break and the magic is back. I remember why it was that I fired his enthusiasm for it in the first place. The movement, the grace, the zen buzz of everything else disappearing while you focus on the next hold - it's all still there. This makes me very happy.

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I will be at Fidels tonight. I'm kind of hoping the blockage will have at least partially cleared by then, otherwise you're all going to get pissed off with me because seriously, my lip reading isn't that good.

Tomorrow, I sit down and bang out an essay. Sunday is all about fixing Mum's concrete (Yay! I get a grist!) Please tell me it isn't going to rain all weekend.