August 4th, 2008

going native

So how was your weekend?

In short, yes, it was blissful. I feel refreshed and cheerful and much more willing to be social now.

I even got some study done. One of the problems I'm having with this course is that my study in lectures (modernity, enlightenment, revolutions, Weber, Marx, Durkheim, gender, ethnicity, class, personal/social, local/global, difference/division etc) bears little to no resemblance to my essay topic, which is whether or not NZ is a settler society. Oh yes, I can see how I can apply these things to it, but it's a false-feeling construction to do so. Mostly, I'm looking at history, and struggling to drop the buzzwords in while retaining context. Grr.

Anyway, I'm right on track. My essay is due next Friday, this weekend's the one where I do my Splurge Of Words, so today is about the right day for me to be going "This topic is too complicated! I should choose a different one!" Hehe.

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PS the sun's out! RAH! And yesterday I did some long-awaited repairs - in fact my pile of sewing repairs is now zero, and I only have new stuff to make. And, my purple dress is back in action. Oh purple dress, I've missed you so...