August 2nd, 2008



From last Saturday to today, the amount of pushups I can do has increased from 16 to 63. You should do this challenge. It makes you strong like a strong thing.

Wasn't gonna post today but...

I had to. Yep, he's offering a service to care for people's pets after the Rapture, cos he's an athiest and won't be going. I expect he'll be a busy man (this assumes it's a man of course). I particularly like the "Jesus the pet-hater" bit, and the lovely little photoshoppy a la JW pamplets at the bottom.

(yoinked from misslynx).

<3 SaveMart. 5 long sleeved tops, 2 singlets, 2 pairs cargos, 2 jackets, 6 skirts, 3 belts, a bunch of fabric, $100. I do it about 3 times a year. Imagine what I'd get for $300 at the shops.

I like especially that every item is different. You don't get those racks and racks of things that all look the same... so anyway, did a clean out to make room for the new. I feel a clothes swap coming on. Anyone else got a pile to get rid of?

Today has been blissful. Tonight will be awesome. Tomorrow will rock.

*happy sigh*