July 24th, 2008


The Biiiirrrrdss!!!! and other flights of fancy

Last night I went to the library and cleaned out the shelves of anything useful I could find on settler societies. While I was there, I was approached by a dewy-eyed young chap who wanted to know how to find a book on the shelves. He'd found it in the catalogue, but couldn't translate the information to actually finding the book. Turns out he had an essay due in a week and hadn't even started. And from what I gathered, it was the first time he'd tried to find a book in the library. The weird thing was, he'd already finished one course in film studies... do film students not have to read?

Anyway, I helped him find his book and he was very grateful. And all dewy-eyed and young. I had to resist patting him on the bottom as he went on his way.

I am an old perv. And probably a patronising one at that.

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I'm finding it a bit difficult to concentrate today, because it sounds like there's a sheet of corrugated iron flapping on the roof. Hmm. I wonder if they'd let me go home for a nap if the roof blows off?

Also, a big shout out to Polly and Mike today, because you guys are awesome.

Finally, I have to define what a settler society is. My foray into the reference section of the library revealed 12 copies of the Qur'an, loads of bibles, encyclopaedias, dictionaries, thesauruses (thesauri?) and whatnot, but nary a definition for settler society. Stink. Now I actually have to use my brain. Here's how I plan to reference it:

Allison, W (2008) Settler Societies Defined in "Common Sense Definitions For When The Library Lets You Down And You Have To Write An Essay" (Allison, Weston and Lind, eds) Imagination Press: Wellington.

I wonder if they'd notice?