July 22nd, 2008


I have a gruntle, I just don't know where it is

Words that I don't think should mean what they do mean:

Dirndl - should be some kind of high, twisted tower, but isn't.
Dreidel - should be a kind of soup, but isn't.
Spinney - ought to be a donkey.
Limpid - should mean Brewer's Droop - doesn't.
Bucolic - fat guy with a walrus moustache that burps a lot.
Effluvium - sounds like a kind of metal.
Dandle - I was always horrified by the idea of dandling a baby.
Circadian - should be a kind of insect.

This post brought to you in lieu of what I really wanted to say, because I don't know how to say it.

So instead, have a pony:

Excuse me, I have to go into my cave now.