July 21st, 2008


More weekend please

I am also doing the pushup challenge. However, I woke up on Sunday morning with a "GNNG*" in my shoulder, and am thinking it's probably a good plan to wait till that's better (probably tomorrow or Wednesday) before pushing it to failure.

In OK Now How Did That Happen news, yesterday when I counted the sheep there were two extras. Hmm. I suspect they may have been lurking in the emergency gully (about 25 acres and mostly bush) feeling lonely, and when the others went down there, decided to blend. However, this makes up for the two skinny measly ones that died in the bad storms we had. So, I'm back to an even tally.

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I have 2 more days with Tommy. This visit has been an amazingly good one, and he's getting to be better and better company as he gets older. I loves him lots.

Oh, bon voyage hesperus!

* You know when there's one tiny muscle that feels like something's nipping it every time you move? That's a GNNG.