July 15th, 2008


Talk to me about your life.

Flist topics for today, in no particular order:

People partying till they drop. Go you lot!
Several folks have the plague. *sends chicken soup and sympathy*
Some pretty serious introspection. Welcome to the club.
Lots of folks talking about their new iphones. Seriously people, what's the big deal?
This, which is just weird. And kind of icky.
Sinfest. Xkcd. I am so a sheep. But they are good, damnit.

And the number one topic on my flist today is the disintegration of the US economy.

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Hehe. Went to load Commandos: Behind Enemy Lines on my pooter last night. Was surprised to get the message: "Sorry, this game will only run on Windows95." Golly. Yes yes, I found a patch and got it running, but it's been that long since I played it. Yep, can't even survive the tutorial missions. Hahah.

Some people came to look at the house last night. There was a grandma, and she had purple and green hair - my kind of purple and green, not the 'blue rinse' kind. Way to go, funky grandma! When my hair goes white, I'm so going to do that.