July 14th, 2008


In which I can't turn my brain off, even for fantasy games

On Saturday I got a letter from the University Social Sciences and Humanities Department (ooh, posh), congratulating me on getting 'a top mark' in SPOL 113. It didn't say what the mark was, or whether everyone gets these letters or what, but I felt pretty special. Ooh! They noticed me!

*has a moment of smug self-satisfaction*

*files letter with other 'might be useful in the future' stuff*

And now I get a New Study Experience - that of a course that has one textbook that you must own, no published book of course readings, a suggested reading list as long as my arm (and possibly someone else's too), and a floundering-around from me, because I don't know what to focus on until I know something about the topic. Argh! Self-directed learning! Nooooooo!

(Someone wise suggested that I go through the reading list and find all the journal articles and print them out, then I'll have at least something to get my teeth into)

And then I had an astounding revelation!

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Meanwhile, I'm back at work. It's.. work. Plz2b providing me with ways of making it interesting. Also, can you make the weather stay nice so Tommy can come fire spinning tomorrow? Cheers.

[EDIT] Apologies for the large post, I want lots of people to see this in the hopes that someone recognises it and can tell me what it's called:

Mum has one, and it's sprouted these little flowery sprouty things from the backs of the leaves. She's told she can use them to propagate more of the plant, but without knowing what it's called, it's hard to research methods. Anyone?

Further blurting about gaming

It also occurs to me that the advent of MMORPGs has required the really hardcore gamer types, who previously sat in front of their pooters in their own little world, communicating and cooperating with nobody (except maybe a select few folks at LAN parties and whatnot), to develop new skills in the area of teamwork and large-group strategy.

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Which is not really news. But it leads to a question, probably more aimed at oldskool gamer geeks, or folks wot like postulating -

Do you think that the advent of MMORPGs has changed the face of gamer geekery? Have gamer geeks had to become more urbane? Has your local geek come out of his basement, started washing and talking to people?

Or, is it simply that MMORPGs have a wider appeal, so more-social-less-geeky type people play them? And does that in itself affect the sociology of geekery?

And has the 'I Am A God' aspect of gaming become secondary to the 'We Are All In This Together' aspect?* And is it all some kind of huge conspiracy?

* This is someone else's PhD, mmk (except for maybe the last bit)? I would have trouble relating that one back to recreational substances. Also, I promise not to bombard you with any more gaming stuff today.