July 9th, 2008


La la la


O.o It's a thing. I'm not sure what thing it is.

Anyway, things are cramped in my timelifespan at the moment, as there's a Kid! This kid, by the way, had me doing algebra at the dinner table last night. As revenge, he will be sitting in on my Sociology lecture today. Two can play at that game, sunshine!

We had Teh Family Dinner last night, which is always good. My family is Teh Orsome. Especially because there aren't many of us, it means we find it much easier than a large one, I reckon. Or maybe we're just nice people. It did mean, though, that the priority list got jiggled yet again and so I didn't make it to fire spinning and now Happy says I'm a wimp. So, next time, Happy, you get to tell Mum that fire is more important. *nod*

OK, this tutorial signup thing sucks. Apparently, signups open at the same time the lecture starts. Which basically means, those callow youths wot live on campus, get to go from the lecture to signup, and get all the good ones. While the rest of us who have things like jobs and commitments, have to wait till whenever. Last time, all the good tut times were taken less than one hour after the first lecture. I think however, this time I have a pretty good case for asking for a better slot that means I don't have to drive into town, take extra time off work, and etc. Is it worth me contacting the course coordinator if I can't get a decent time?

PS I love my friends. Oh, and, welcome Mum (if you remember). Now I don't have to threaten Happy with your wrath indefinitely, mwuahahhaa!

And finally, the tickets are booked for the 16th of August. I'm flying at 4pm on Sat, the gig is Dimension at Space (Big Dave's birthday apparently, and it will be psy), and back on Sunday at 5:30pm. So, those who were interested in coming, that's the timeframe. Join meeeeeee!