July 4th, 2008


Hi, I'm still alive

Despite having got a grand total of 4 hours' sleep last night, and spent that being tipped off giant sheep-tipping bridges that I invented into yawning chasms of winter grass somewhere on Erewhon Station (which I haven't been to since 1997).

Insomnia? Me? WHY? Especially, why now? I've been waking up at 5am for the last week, and last night I was awake from 1am to 2am as well. No reason that I'm aware of.


I have new hair though. It's different! And shaggy! And.. well, random. I love that I can make Paul (my hairdresser) literally double up laughing while he cuts my hair. I love that my haircut lasts as long as our conversation, and that it's always a random conglomeration of however he's feeling. I love that he goofs off on the colours, and spends ages playing with it so he can see them swirl around. I love that he gives me advice on different things I could try, and spent 10 minutes explaining a new method to me. I love that his cuts last a minimum of 5 months on me before going sproingy and uncontrollable.

Yep, Paul wins at hairdressering. Dare I say, he's better than Brooke? *waits for cries of horror and disagreement*

Fire spinning at the Tin Hut got rained off. Boo, and yay for me having the house to myself for a while. It's rare, and I need it.

I have new boots. They are suede, and need waterproofing regularly, but they don't leak so I'm happy.

I had to go into town at WTFam this morning to avoid the truck road user charge protest convoy, because there was a meeting that I was in all day, hence my internet absence. Ol Faithful Post-By-10am-Tats did not post by 10am. Sorry.

I may have eaten too many meeting mints again and now I'm sugar rushing..