July 3rd, 2008


In which I stare unblinkingly at the screen for 20 minutes in abject horror

So last night I was watching television.

*cue gasps from the gallery*

Yes. The little box with moving pictures sucked me in.. it was.. mesmerising. Anyway, I was with a couple of friends and we watched the news. Man gets bitten by pitbull when rescuing people from crashed car, politicians behaving like children, new clues to find the murderer of two prisoners, people *gasp* are not sorting their recycling properly, Angelina Jolie is apparently in hospital 'resting' before the birth of her next child. Usual stuff.

Collapse )

Oops. I think I ranted. Oh well, it's been a while since I ranted...

This evening, there will be a haircut. Ooh! This cut should dispose of all the leftover damaged bits from the nasty double-bleaching I had to do for Kiwiburn this year, and leave my hair Soft, Bouncy and Shiny! Like some TV ad! *shakes hair provocatively and stares into the camera*

And then, at around 6, I'm heading to Fidels, since tomorrow I won't be there. And there will be conversation! About relevant issues! Hopefully not with the salt shaker! Please come.