July 1st, 2008


Bin surfing those image searches again...

Question: How would you feel if your landlord published your address on the internet in an advert as part of an attempt to sell your house, and people started turning up at your place without warning? What would you do?

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In other news, oh look! The sun is shining! There will probably be fire spinning tonight if it stays like this. Frank Kitts park, 7pm. Also, all you lot that haven't posted for a while, it's about time you did. Inquiring minds want to know what you've been up to.

Also, I've been invited to go up to Auckland and Be Shiny in August. My plane ticket would be paid for. The catch is, I'm loathe to do this on my own. I'd kind of like to go, because it'd be fun and an adventure, but I'm not sure about putting myself in a position where I'm among almost complete strangers for a weekend. Anyone else want to come Be Shiny with me?

And the universal spotlight turns itself on Tats...

"I produce a weekly radio show called This Way Up at Radio New Zealand
National in Wellington.
The show explores the things we use and consume.
We're running a piece next week all about the history of the hula hoop
and I was hoping you could maybe show us a few moves....
We'd just pre-record a quick 5-10 minute chat with Simon Morton our
presenter about how you got into it while you show us.
Please let me know if you might be able to help out."

Well golly. *meep*

Apparently my old hoop tutor passed the info on.. rivet! When are you back?