June 30th, 2008


Damn. The Hutt isn't flooded.

Surprisingly, there's not that much storm damage at home. A few slips on the road, but nothing big enough to give me the day off work. Lots of blown-around leaves, somewhat of a swimming pool on the lawn (next to the barbeque even), my dog finally having figured out that she can use her kennel even when she's not tied to it. Yesterday xhile drove me up to the hoggets because I was worried about them, but by some strange lie of land, the wind in where they are was not blasting, but eddying gently, and they were all out filling their faces and looking decidedly happier than the day before, when I'd split them from the rams.

He also drove me in to the costume auction to check on the things I'd bid on. I wasn't up for driving yesterday with my vision being all weird and such. Anyway, I ended up not getting anything, but I did get the company of snottygrrl while I was there, which was cool. We squeed and giggled like girls and wondered at the teeny tininess of ballet dancers. As you probably know, neither of us are exactly gigantic in stature, but there were very few things there that would fit even us. But SOOO PRETTY!

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Apparently there's another front due to come through tomorrow. Hmm. We discovered that when the rain is being blasted into the side of the house at 100km/h, the windows leak. Towels on the windowsills ftw! Yet another reason the place isn't worth nigh on a million dollars. And we've bought a padlock and chain for the gate, because apparently it's a popular spot for burglaries.

You know, depsite the coldwetickyness, I quite like storms.