June 29th, 2008


Trepanning - the answer to all your problems!

I may have bid on the ogre suit. I want the base and the mask for an idea I had while looking at it.

I may be going back later today to make sure I get it (if someone with more money than brains hasn't outbid me by thousands that is).

In other news, yesterday I got a migraine, for the first time since I was a teenager. Flashy lights, disorientation, all that jazz. I managed to deflect the headache enough to function for the day, but by evening I was having what I'd describe as an acid flashback without the fun part. Went home early from the party (which was awesome, thanks san_grail), slept fitfully, woke up at 5am to the sound of our trees screaming as they got bent almost beyond their capacity by the gale force southerly storm.

It feels as though my brain has come unanchored inside my skull. I have no depth perception, and I want to cry a lot.

Why would I be suddenly getting migraines again?