June 24th, 2008



9512 SPOL 113 Social Policy: Values & Change A+

RAH! I kept my good mark! *capers about joyfully*

One down, about 27 to go.. and of course I want them all to go as well as this one. Who, me? Expectations? Nah.

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Anyway, that's about all my good news for today. rivet and Bron are both going off to foreign climes this week (they will be back, if I have to go get them myself), I just got ranted at by someone with a bee in their bonnet about level descriptors, who's decided I should be the manager of the concrete project regardless of who actually is the manager, and therefore it's better to rant at me than anyone else (it wasn't directed at me, she was just venting, but, you know, I should get paid extra for that), and on the home front, there's a gigantic pile of firewood for me to stack - which I'm looking forward to, incidentally - I like that kind of thing - that got dropped off in the rain yesterday and is now a bit damp, despite the tarp my flatties kindly threw over it for me. And, I discovered that I am ineffectual in some respects. For an attention whore exhibitionist like me, that's a bitter pill to swallow. I like to know that if I direct my effort towards something, it will have an effect. Sometimes, it doesn't.

I guess, if that's the only cross I have to bear, I'm doing ok.

pombagira, what you doing later this week, wanna meet up?

PS My boss brought me a heater so I don't freeze at work. And I got 4 days off to hang out with Tommy when he comes to visit. *happy*