June 22nd, 2008



Last night was the Horokiwi Community Solstice Party, which we hosted. It was different from our usual parties in that everyone was dressed in a fairly nondescript way, there was no dancing, and everyone left by 1am. It was very chilled, we lit the brazier, had lamb on a spit, there were children (who we may have corrupted with fireworks and glowsticks) who caused their parents to leave at 9pm, and was a very unusual environment for one who's used to large scale dance parties full of arty people who like to play dressup.

However, our community has some neat people in it. I met a guy who owns 14 chainsaws! *is impressed* And then after most of the folks took their kids off home (which is a shame, because kids love that stuff), our people turned up and there was fire spinning.

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Anyway, I think I like our kind of party better - you know, the ones where 4/14 people are actually kiwis and 2/14 don't have a degree, and 1/14 *looks pointedly at happy* is Not Wearing Colour. Although, I guess the do-rag counts. Hmm..

Tonight I plan to eat fish and chips and ice cream, and read books that make me yearn for bygone days. Today, I did pasture management, visited Gadgit, had coffee with Polly and Emma and Rich, and blobbed about. There was some post-party cleaning, but it was minimal.

Tomorrow, 4m3 of firewood shall miraculously appear on our forecourt. Which we shall proceed to burn with gusto and glee. Because we likes the fire. Yes.

What did you do for the weekend? I got to firehoop to Darkshire's Overboard and it made me happy.

Oh. And I got invited to a 5-day hoop jam in Harbin in September. I'd love to go, despite my memory of Harbin being that it's full of militant fascist hippies - but alas, I'm unable this year. However, I'd like to get Wellington hoopers together, maybe have some fun, take a pic and send it to them to show a bit of solidarity. Problem is, while I know pretty much all the hoopers in Wellington, there aren't that many of us. Anyway, are you keen? And, how can we indoctrinate encourage more hoopy types to join us?