June 20th, 2008


Because I can...

And in a shining example of knee jerk "BAN IT!!" Mentality, New South Wales has banned fire hackys - after one 16-year-old hurt his ickle wickle handies with it. Because he grabbed it with his hands, instead of footsacking it the way you're supposed to with a hacky. Duh.

Yes, one stupid person doing one stupid thing spoils it for the other 300 people who have been using them properly. Yes, folks, that means there's a 0.3% chance of suffering non-fatal injury from using one of these things, and that's enough to ban it.

My fear, of course, is that the Australian government (and the New Zealand one by that sheeplike follow-Australia problem they seem to have - especially if National gets in at the election), will start looking at other fire toys that you aren't supposed to touch with your hands either. Hello? Fire nunchucks anyone? Fire whips? Fire staffs? Devil sticks? Even the ubiqutous poi, are simply fire hackys swung around one's body on chains. And if they think one dork hurting themselves is one too many, I can see even hoops getting looked at for banning. I have a small burn on my arm from practicing a new move last night - should I be arrested and my hoop confiscated?

Because, you know, we are all as stupid as that one person who hurt himself, and shouldn't be allowed to play with fire just in case we get burned. I bet you one thing, though - that guy is unlikely to ever use his hands on a hacky again.


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Seems I'll be going to Fidels tonight too, at least for a little while, because I promised I'd meet Gadgit there. Anyone else want to join? Also, Dave = teh Rock.

Right, that's enough for one day...