June 19th, 2008


Argh! The Hutt! Save meeeeee!

The exam went fairly well, I think. I'll pass, anyway.

Can someone please tell me how one finds out what one's result is? I have no idea.

Also, last night, I went to bed, and read A NOVEL! Without guilt! I didn't even once think "Hey, I should be reading about social democracy" .. it was nice.

Now, if you think you're having a bad day at work, check this out (vid, about 2 mins). Serious attack of office rage. Don't mess with the paperwork, punk! Take note of what happens when the security guy comes in. I reckon Rhi would do a better job. *nods*

That's about what my office looks like right now, sans psycho. We just have boxes and stuff everywhere, and big cable tangles all over the floor - a veritable OSH nightmare. However, we have networkiness, and that means back to work. So much for my Friday off. ;-/ On the upside, it took me 10 minutes to get to work, which is nice. I will miss my morning walk, though. I'm contemplating trying a walk from home one day, but a bit daunted by a) the motorway and b) the long winding hill with no footpath. Hmm...

Also, it's cold in here. *wants heater* And, what the hell am I doing with a collection of floppy disks going back to 1997? I'm almost afraid to try them - would a floppy written over 11 years ago still read? *checks* OMG it does! *yeep*

So anyway, I'll probably wander in to Fidels this afternoon after work, since there's a move to do it tonight, and tomorrow I'm doing the solstice thing. Also, Dave is getting in some time this afternoon and would like to hook up with some burners, so it'd be cool if you were free to join us.

And fire spinning tonight! With more clothes than on Friday! Because that was just ridiculous..