June 13th, 2008


Ways to get the blood going and other tales

This morning I am sitting at my desk jiggling. When asked by a colleague what I was doing, I said "I'm having an imaginary horse race. It's a really long one."

The other things I'm doing include not crossing my legs, wearing thick woolly socks, and wearing shoes that allow my toes to move freely. In addition, today's plan includes the purchase of a pair of fluffy slippers for under my desk, and some chili powder.

(i know how annoying it is when someone in your vision/hearing is jiggling, but it's really helping. i can actually feel my toes warming up. as soon as i stop moving, they go icy)

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Meanwhile, I'm bending the ear of anyone who'll listen about the rational policy model. You know how you use little tricks to memorise stuff? Well, for this particular model, it reminds me of Happy. So, all I have to do is think of Happy and his approach to how things should go, and voila! Rational policy, with built-in examples for the essay-question-blitzing thereof. Hehehee.. now I have to find a stakeholder-type person to pin to that model.

Anyway, tonight I'll be at Fidels, doing an anti-rain-and-wind dance, because there's a psy party tonight and we're supposed to be fire dancing. Yay, psy party! *duggaduggaduggawaaaaarp"recentstudieshaveshown"wheeeeeepduggaduggadugga*

*waves arms around*

[EDIT] Ok, so lj just announced the new team . When I saw the name Matt Berardo, what I actually read was Matt Beartato. I think it's better.