June 12th, 2008



This morning, I woke up at the (previously suspected non-existent) hour of 5am. *BING* awake, and not going back to sleep any time soon. So I got up. Well, what else was I supposed to do?

(no, not that. xhile is currently suffering from the lurgy that i had last week, and was also plagued, apparently, by Sheep Attack Dreams which necessitate defending oneself by thumping whatever happens to be in the bed next to you, in your sleep. i am not without mercy, and letting him sleep is the nicer thing to do, nyah)

So anyway, there I was in the wee hours, trying out Random Journal to see what happened.

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More meetings today, of the all-day variety. Yesterday's one was... interesting. This one should be less interesting. I'm not sure if that's a good thing or not.

Oh, and I'm back on sheep duty. This time until September. Apparently the neighbour's ram found a hole in the fence a month or two ago, so the (planned-to-be-dry) ewes may very well produce a surprise or two while I'm at it.

*crosses fingers for no mysterious plagues this time round*

The 'Blains!

I has them!


(i blame my mum and her cold feet, and my dad and his poor circulation)

For those of you who don't know, having chillblains is like having tinea, only without the fungus. It's itchy, burny, red and 'orrible, and I get it pretty much every winter.

Hunting round the webs informs me that I should:

1. Keep my feet warm
2. Not restrict blood flow with tight shoes
3. Try to avoid scratching
4. Wait for them to go away
5. See a doctor about the circulation thing if they recur

(they have recurred since i was 21 and first got them)

The problem is, today I am wearing 2 pairs of socks, which makes my shoes tight. If I take my shoes off, I can feel that my toes are still icy, despite the extra socks.

Clearly I need someone to sit under my desk and massage my feet all day. I wonder if ACC will cover that?