June 9th, 2008


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High Fidelity is a good movie. I'd forgotten how much I like it. Also, young John Cusack reminds me of pagurus.

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Today I'm wearing two pairs of socks. My feet are toasty warm. It's an unusual feeling, but I think I could get used to it. Having warm feet seems to keep the rest of me warm too, which is nice.

Yesterday, I decided that my hair looks like Animal from the muppets, and that it was time for a haircut. Decision made, I resolved to make an appointment today. And lo! When I got up this morning, it had decided to look rather swish, and caused me to second-guess myself. Anyone else's hair do this, and should I cut it within an inch of its life anyway, and let that be a lesson to it?

Finally, Adzuki Bean in Petone is good sort-of mediterraneaney type food at reasonable prices. You should go there.

(it's nice that my brain has cleared)

[EDIT] OOH! OOH! BOOKS! Acid Dreams: The complete social history of LSD: the CIA, the sixties, and beyond and The Opium Wars: The addiction of one empire and the corruption of another.

The Opium Wars are something I'm very interested in, because I'm led to believe that they were hugely influential in the leadup to prohibition of international drug trade.