June 5th, 2008


Are you a bear or a sheep? I'm a sheep.

Looks like the rain and the wind stopped. This is a good thing, right? The sun's out, which you can tell by the shadows falling and the brightness and whatnot, but not by any noticeable increase in temperature. Bang on time, the first of June, it turned winter. It's COLD! Getting out of bed suddenly becomes an ordeal, a test of will, a small victory for which I congratulate myself every morning. And it's still a couple of weeks till the solstice, after which it'll be another few before we start to notice the days getting lighter in the mornings.

It's hibernation time. *nod*

So last night, Polly and I were having our usual rambling conversation, and it led on to the fact that we don't hibernate any more. Instead, we carry on doing what we always do as if the season, temperature and weather hasn't changed at all. We just put more clothes on, eat more fat and carbs, and soldier on. We don't actually get that slow, sleepy season of inactivity, rest, and boredom that our far-distant ancestors would have. We also don't get the late-winter starve, which is nice. But, are we mentally geared up for coping with winter?

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So, what do you do? What's your way of dealing with the hibernation season that we don't get to hibernate through? Where do you go in your head?

And what happens to those who don't cope as well as the sheep?