June 4th, 2008


Why wait till I'm old for cantankerosity?

I don't know if it's the 'helluvan argument for double glazing' weather, or the exerty type exertions on Saturday night, but today, I am a bit of a cripple. I'm right back to the bit where I can't sit comfortably or lie comfortably on one side, or move very much without the owie.

How long has that been now? Three weeks? Can someone please tell my body that is quite long enough and it's time for No Pain When Moving? I am starting to understand why older people can get cantankerous. I will probably be one of the worst when I get old enough that dancing all night renders me incapacitated for days after..

.. uh..

Never mind.

Sophie! Check this out!

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This morning I woke up to the wind screaming around the eaves, in the first real southerly storm since we moved in. I can now say with conviction that yes, it's very windy up there in the eyrie in a storm, and yes, it's impressive to watch. As long as you stay inside. Also, what's the point of double glazing if there's a gap in the window frames that makes the curtains blow around?

Finally, some random showed up to look at the house yesterday. Apparently he'd been told he could do a 'drive by' to see if he liked the area, and if he did, he could arrange an appointment to view. Those of you who've been there know that there's almost nothing visible from the road, so this chap decided to go up the driveway, at which point he was met by me, and ran away with his tail between his legs. I was polite and friendly and made sure he understood that viewing was by arrangement only. Then I rang the agent and advised them not to tell folks to do drive-bys, since there was nothing to see from the road and the temptation would always be to go up and 'have a quick look' - which irritates the tenants no end. Blergh.

It can be summer now plzkthxbye.