June 1st, 2008


Go on, kiss that seahorse!

OK, so Jodi's curtains are well and truly introduced to society now. And so they should be. It was a fun gathering in which I met new people! New people are always good. And I got gigantic fuvenusrs hugs. How can someone so tiny give such gigantic hugs?

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I tried (not) very hard to stay away from the fire hoop, but what can I say? Once an exhibitionist... la la la. T'were fun. And then a bunch of us went to Twisted - which was the less popular gig last night, everyone else having opted for DJ Krush. I'm not big on turntablism - at least, I like to listen but feel there's no advantage to be gained by watching as well, so Hoover/Groover it was for me.

It was the first party I've been to in more than 6 months that wasn't either put on by us or rescued by us. Yes folks, Tats went to a dance party, paid for a ticket, didn't hang any decor, didn't answer any questions, line up any djs, or deal with any drunk people trying to get in free.

I went (with ferrouswheel, richdrich, vernacularity, and Bron and James from fire spinning), and as mentioned by Mr Wheel, it felt very much like full circle, since that was the first place I'd gone out dancing with him. We spent most of the night in the Groover room (house, electro, breaks) funking on down, and in my case, getting hit on. Yes, me. Dunno what was with that - it doesn't normally happen at dance parties and I wasn't dressed any differently or doing anything different from what I normally do.

Him: *comes up* You married?
Him: Got a boyfriend?
Me: *smiling* Yes.
Him: Oh, that's a shame. Got any mates here that might be up my alley?
Me: Dude, I'm here with three guys and a lesbian, but you're free to try if you want.


Anyway, at 6am I was lying in bed with my honey, who was very sweet to wake up and be cheerful when I arrived, thinking, "I needed that." And I do. It's been a while since I went to my church.

I know the coolest people. ;-)