May 31st, 2008


Can we fix it? Yes we can!

So this morning I learned about rewiring fuses. Luckily, there was enough water in the hot water cylinder, and enough power points still working, that I could have a coffee and get over the "GRRNOWASHINGNOTOILETNOPOOTERNOINTERNET" bit, before climbing up to the mains board and fiddling with fuse wire. Also luckily, it seems this particular fuse may be a regular blower (the water pump's wired into a switch circuit wtf?) and so there are cards of fuse wire sitting in the mains board cupboard.

Anyway, lalala, new skill to add to my repertoire. She cooks, writes essays, makes art, shears sheep and rewires fuses!

Also - message to those folks that provide toilet facilities in public places and work places:

Thank you for providing us women with sanitary disposal units. It's nice to be able to dispose of sanitary stuff in a simple and clean way. We really appreciate this. However, when in the loo, we also need to dispose of things that aren't sanitary-related. Like the wrappings of sanitary products. So, um, can you please put the little bins that you took out to put the giant sanitary disposal units in, back again? They could go on the other side of the pan - there's a space there.

Cheers, Tats.

[EDIT] Anybody know a good way of scaring rabbits out of the garden in the wee hours? Little fuckers are digging holes in my flower beds grr.