May 30th, 2008


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It's been a while since I randomly MySpaced myself on my journal, and since today I am wearing the skirt equivalent of Golf Pants, I felt it necessary to sneak into the loos and glorify my loudness for posterity:

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Last lecture today, and return of second essay. The bit where I find out how well I have to do in the exam to pass the course. And then go "Hmm, what do I do with myself until semester 2 starts?"

I know, I'll go out dancing. Like, tomorrow. It's been a while since we bombed a party - I'm looking forward to it.

In domestic news, today I'm glomping pombagira for the gift of an electric wok. I like to poke my food, and woks are brilliant for being able to interfere without it slopping all over the place. Mmmm, wok.

See that? Up there? That was me enjoying cooking. WTF?

Lalala, Fidels tonight, long weekend, partying, playing with books, picnicking on Mum's lounge floor, happy happy. Someone tell me the weather is going to stay sunny please?

Uh oh

So I got my essay back.

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*goes to read something lightweight and easy*

(PJ O'Rourke, anyone? He cracks me the hell up)

[EDIT] And in order to prove my astounding brilliance once and for all, I just blindly sideswiped a kebab stick I was using to pick my teeth, and drove the pointy end about half an inch into the roof of my mouth (luckily on an angle). Doh.