May 23rd, 2008


Proof! Farting really is universally funny - as long as it isn't you who farts.

It's dark. It's weird. My body is telling me to go to sleep damnit, nobody should be up and about right now and you sure don't need your brain not never not nohow and etc.

For those of you with the questionable fortune not to be currently residing in Wellington CBD, we seem to have been enveloped in sea-level raincloud from Antarctica. Thus, it's cold, wet and way dark. I guess the approaching solstice has something to do with this. Sunrise is currently 7am-ish, and I think today it looked over the edge, went "Meh" and went back to bed.

Hibernate mode = on.

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In other news, it appears that party season is approaching. This is good, I've been a bit quiet lately, and am feeling the need to get out and about some more for some dancing. Hopefully there'll be some keen bodies to come join me..

Fidels tonight as usual, despite the weather. I'm told there will be an extra bird who may be naked. And, this weekend, there's a Thanksgiving dinner party at our place (invite only, sorry, as I'm not running this one). This will be my first Thanksgiving. I have much to give thanks for, not least of which is the pleasant fullness my belly will experience on Sunday afternoon - and the luffly Fire TV that will make sure we don't freeze while celebrating. So what's Thanksgiving actually about anyway?