May 22nd, 2008

going native

Adult students talk too much in tutorials... (at least this one does)

Last night we watched Wild Zero - a Japanese (subtitled) movie about... zombies? aliens? rock stars? transexual love? umm... it's kind of hard to tell. This movie has lots of things, and a story. I liked it, in that OMGWTF kind of way.

I particularly liked it when it appeared that Guitar Wolf had blown up Drum Wolf and Bass Wolf and then they reappeared - we can call this the fall and rise of Drum and Bass. I also enjoyed Houndstooth Checked Leotard Yakuza Woman, although I wish they'd told us what happened to her in the end.. and the lyrics! So meaningful, so profound! "BLOOD BLOOD BLOOD BLOOD EXPLODING BLOOD!" How can you go past that?

I like Japanese movies.

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And because I'm an unapologetic narcissist, have a meme. I did this on miss_phloss's journal, and am reposting here for shits and giggles. It's that one where you think of a word that reminds you of me, do a google image search and then post the image. If you want, you can then repost in your journal so that I can pic you too. Haffun!

Also, I am having a bookgasm. Today, it's The Cocaine Wars and The Story Of Cannabis In New Zealand. Lalallaa, dodgy books, dodgy books...

[EDIT] And for those who were interested in seeing more fire pics, they are here, here, here, and here. (sorry about the lack of picposty, I have ethics about pinching people's shots and also about other folks' friends pages being inundated with repeats).