May 21st, 2008


Random wafflings, mostly for my own entertainment

Last night the local photography club spotted us spinning while they were on the waterfront photographing seagulls and moon-on-water and things. "FIRE!" they cried, and came running (flocking?) over. They were polite, they asked first, and proceeded to join us for almost the entire session - there were about ten of them, armed with tripods and big grunty looking cameras and stuff. Of course we rose to the occasion and turned into a pack of narcissistic exhibitionists (except Bron, who just carried on doing her thing, as Bron does) and put on a show for them. I am looking forward to seeing the pictures - although with hooping, it's the movement that's attractive, and photographs don't really pick that up.

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In owie hurty news, I don't think my ribs are cracked but I think there's quite a lot of tissue damage. Stretching hurts, and while I can hoop without direct pain from contact, I can only do it for about an hour before it gets too painful to continue, and the throbbing from this keeps up for a couple of hours afterwards and makes it difficult to lie on that side. Pressure hurts, and breathing deeply or sneezing (anything that stretches the tissue between the ribs) is painful. Hmm.

Meanwhile, I'm bracing myself for an influx of parcels. Our place, in another indication that this house was not built by farmers, has a teeny-tiny town sized letterbox. This means that parcel delivery often involves one of those 'pick this up at Petone Mail Centre because your letterbox is too small' type card thingies. Petone being a pain to get to (well, mostly from), I then phone them, redirect to the Wellington Mail Centre, and collect it from there. I'm wondering if it wouldn't be more sensible to just get things sent straight to Wellington. But, how then, would I know when it was ready for pickup? Anyone know?

PS khaybee, I have an exciting parcel here for you.