May 20th, 2008


Gosh, um..

Righto then. Apparently I am your entertainment at work - or at least the random spoutings from my brain are. It's kind of flattering to know that my absence is noticed.. I'm going to be flattered anyway. Hey, you take it where you can get it, right?

Anyway, what I've been up to and is eating my brain at the moment, is trying to figure out what the fuck pasting is when in the context of doing something to the inside of a concrete tank. In my endeavours, I've discovered that there's a men's clothing label called Paper and Paste (which sounds oh-so-innovative and interesting NOT), that the Australian Qualifications People don't publish their standards on the internet, and that someone has actually written a piece called The Formation of Rims on Dolomite Aggregate in Iowa Highway Concrete - but I still don't know what concrete pasting is. ;-/

So, I've played some Spider (Minesweeper is so last century) and got my percentage up to 20%. I rock at spider. I do not rock at concrete pasting.

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So there you have it, folks. How to make a household of four adults produce minimal waste. The dog, the compost bin and the desire to reuse stuff are intrinsic to this process, although the dog could perhaps be replaced with a pig if you were into pork. Pigs are stinky and have big mouths full of sharp teeth and no qualms about biting the hand that feeds, though.

Someone please motivate me to go to my lecture today? I think I need it.