May 15th, 2008


Suck face like there's no tomorrow

Today is Randomly Catch People Kissing Day. It's a Phenomenon! Seriously. Canoodling overdose alert! Everywhere, young couples, old couples, same-sex couples, kids with grandmas, and one very friendly dog. There is something in the air - usually my walk to work is populated by morning-daze-folk, but today, it seems there's a conspiracy of snogging wherever I look. It's.. cute.

And then I look at the people and grin and they go all coy and embarrassed. ;-)

(of course, this may just mean that i'm getting old. my secret superpower has always been catching people bonking*, so it seems it may have toned down a bit)

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So, what's your secret superpower? You know, that thing that only you can do, that's pretty much completely useless as a contribution to society or your own wellbeing, but is still kind of 'special'?

* Seriously. Go to the beach in SanFrancisco with friends, it's almost deserted, the only other people on the beach are shagging! And I'm the only one that sees them. WTF?