May 13th, 2008


I can't dance, I can't talk, the only thing about me is the way I walk

For those who are interested, I was in bed and asleep by 10:30 last night, after crunching words down to 2507. That's right, 2507! Only 7 words over my limit! I didn't have any heart palpitations but I may have talked a bit fast. And my essay still sort of made sense this morning. I suspect I'm not one of those people who are particularly sensitive to caffeine.

Today is Take All The Books Back day, followed by Don't Do Any Study night. Tremendous feeling of relief ftw! I don't have to write any more essays till some time in August, and I have everything crossed that Sociology 101 will give me a chance to write essays on concepts instead of specifics. If this is so, I might actually get to write about something I'm interested in, like, you know, recreational drugs in society. With all this neoliberalism, feminism and other isms in my face, it'd be easy for me to forget the reason I'm doing this, and tenchinage has suffered a little with the extra weight of not-quite-irrelevant study I've been doing. Hrmph!

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Maybe I have some vestigal race memory where weak = dead. The idea of not being able to move scares the crap out of me. Moving is my life. *meep*

Speaking of things like that, on Saturday night we watched Liquid Crystal Vision. It's sort-of about trance, the rise and fall of Goa, consciousness, and the tribal ritual of dance. It has interviews with Shpongle (well, Raja Ram anyway, Simon Posford (Hallucinogen) spends most of the interview rolling a joint), Goa Gill, and a few other 'names' from the outdoor dance party movement, along with trippy graphics and shots of various festivals, forms of movement, and hippies jumping up and down.

I enjoyed it, but the graphics were superimposed over people in a lot of it, and I found them lame and predictable. The interviews varied from profound to "WTF" - as xhile rightly pointed out, if dance was going to change the world, why hasn't it yet, considering we've been dancing since time immemorial? But - dance has changed my world, and I'd like to think that it affects some other people similarly. The trick, I think, is hanging on to that feeling of being One In The Dance, after you've gone home and had a sleep and gone back to work. The dance alone isn't enough.

Also, Raja Ram should just shut the fuck up and play his flute.

I do recommend that if you're interested in tribal ritual, dance, psy, goa, festivals, or moving meditation, you watch it. Lots of people have been moved by this movie in lots of ways - just, for me, they weren't saying anything I hadn't already thought of myself.

Hi, today I'm a misanthrope.