May 11th, 2008


Fast on my feet?

It helps a lot to have had some training in martial arts when you're trying to remove an axe that's jammed in a knotty piece of wood, and it comes away unexpectedly while you have the full force of 9 stone of muscle and bone behind it - and you go flying towards a sticky outy thing at speed. You can then move with lightning fast reflexes and deflect yourself away from said sticky outy thing, face first towards the chopping block, on which is lying the axe, pointy bit up.

Of course, if you've done enough martial arts training, you can then twist yourself in midair and avoid slicing your nose off. But if you've never done martial arts on muddy ground in Doc Martens, the best you'll probably achieve when your feet then go out from under you is to breakfall your head away from the edge of the chopping block, placing your ribs squarely in the way of the stump that's lying to your left, as you fall.

This will be followed by gasping that would be swearing if you had enough breath left, an abortive attempt to continue working, and your Mum dosing you up with arnica. If you have any brains you will then go home and lie on beanbags in front of a fire for the rest of the evening.

If you're me, you'll keep chopping wood for another hour or so, then stack said wood, then go and lie on beanbags etc.

I think that I will possibly squeak some when I get out of bed tomorrow.

Other than that, I've had a good weekend. Our shed is full of firewood which is proving to be stay-going-able, in that the fire burned for 12 hours last night and relit this morning with a quick blow. Mum has a cord of wood stacked under her house. Jodi has almost-curtains which await only a couple more tasks before her lounge will be a sea of red fondliness, the bathroom and other wet areas are clean, and my essay is written if not edited. I still have three days and as long as I don't scrap the whole thing on fresh-eyes reading tomorrow, the worst is over. I have an xhile to snuggle with while I lie on bean bags etc this evening, and I'm feeling all domesticated and virtuous.

Life is good, if somewhat owie.